Experiences of success

Young Culture is youth work driven by the power of art and culture. Through this open, nationwide activity, both young people and those working with young people can enhance their work, network, and experience success.

Nuori Kulttuuri - Onnistumisen kokemuksia


Nuori Kulttuuri On Air

A multi-site and multi-art youth festival takes place in multiple cities over the same weekend, utilizing both physical and digital platforms. The cities are connected by the evening Nuori Kulttuuri LIVE broadcast. Next On Air event is May 11, 2024.


Nuori Kulttuuri Festival

The festival provides performance opportunities for enthusiasts from various art disciplines. In Nuori Kulttuuri activities, we adhere to the principles of a safer space, which also establish the foundation for safe performances: We encourage and applaud, not criticize, and judge!

Nuori Kulttuuri Talks

Illuminating the thoughts of young people about the world of art hobbies, as self-constructed discussion events by young people shed light on the mental landscapes of young people both online and in person.


Nuori Kulttuuri Roots

Through Roots, communities that provide art hobbies for young people or young people themselves get the opportunity for new experiments and idea piloting.

Nuori Kulttuuri Digistage

Nuori Kulttuuri Digistage is a new virtual performance stage for young people aged 13-29 who are interested in art and culture. The performances on Digistage are composed of works by young artists.

The virtual stage performances are now available for viewing, commenting, and liking!

The most liked performance will be announced at the Nuori Kulttuuri Festival Kuopio 2023 event, where the audience favorite and some of the works submitted to the competition will also be shown live on May 26-27, 2023. All videos sent to Digistage will also be digitally displayed at the Kuopio event.


Nuori Kulttuuri uutiskirje

Tilaa uutiskirje pysyäksesi ajan tasalla tulevista kulttuurinuorisotyön kahviloista ja muista kulttuurisennuorisotyöhön liittyvistä asioista.