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Young Culture

Young Culture is an organization and a form of cultural youth work. It aims to encourage and inspire young people to engage in cultural hobbies, regardless of their hometown, education, ethnicity, language or socio-economic background. Yearly art events organized around Finland form the core of Young Culture. Every year around 5000 youths participate in 20-30 regional events, from which some groups are chosen to perform in the yearly national main event in spring. Young Culture is a part of the Finnish Youth Association.

Cultural Youth work

Cultural youth work is a form of youth work that uses easy access cultural and participatory methods as its tools to foster growth, learning, dialogue and a sense of community. Cultural youth work uses various forms of art to promote young people’s means of expression, enhance their ability to voice their opinions and encourage them to define their own  culture.

The Finnish Youth Association is a major player in the field of cultural youth work in Finland. The Youth Association offers cultural hobbies, such as dance, theatre, circus, music, and sports, for all ages.

About 700 Finnish Youth Association clubs operate locally, all around Finland. The national organization along with its 15 regional offices organize events and courses, produce materials for use, and support the local clubs with their needs.

The Finnish Youth Association club was founded in 1881 in Kauhava, Southern Ostrobothnia. A year later several clubs organized themselves into one regional association, and in 1897 the national association was formed.

Culture, community and learning form the basis of our clubs. The aim is to generate genuine participation and let everybody's creativity show. For example, the instructors of our dance and theatre groups draw ideas and suggestions from the children, rather than giving a ready made choreography or manuscript.